Pre-Requisites. To work with Rule Learner on your own machine, first you need to install OpenRules Decision Manager (complete or evaluation version).  

Download. To download and install Rule Learner, click on one of the following links:

Unzip this file on your hard drive. The resulting folder “RuleLearner” contains working examples of Rule Learner’s projects that may serve as prototypes for your own machine learning projects – click here to learn how to do it.

Running Standard Projects. Assuming that you have OpenRules Decision Manager already installed, you should be able to execute any project from the folder “RuleLearner” by a simple double-click on the file “learn.bat” (for Linux or Mac use the file “”).  Look at the project “Lenses” described in the introduction. The input data (Glossary and Training Instances) are located in the file “Lenses.xls”. After you double-click on “Lenses/learn.bat” you will see the execution protocol and the generated rules will be placed in the file “GeneratedRules.xls”. You may add more training instances or modify the existing ones, and run Rule Learner again (just make sure that the file “GeneratedRules.xls” is closed during the run).

Any issues? Contact us at and we will help.

To switch between different ML algorithm, modify the property “learning.classifier” in the file “”. For example, here


the classifier “RIPPER” is commented out (by putting # ahead of its name) and the classifier “C4.5” is activated.

Creating Custom Projects. To create your own project, simply copy one of the existing project,e.g. you may copy project “Lenses” and name it “MyLearningProject”. Then you need to do the following:

  1. Open the file “pom.xml” with any text editor (like Notepad) and replace the 7th line
  2. Rename the file “Lenses.xls” to “MyLearningProject.xls”, open it with Excel and modify the context of the tables “Glossary” and “Instances” using your own data
  3. Open the file “” with a text editor and modify the properties:, model.file, and
  4. Here is an example of the “” file:
  5. Open the file “learn.bat” with a text editor and modify the PACKAGE using the same value as in the property

Now you should be ready to execute your own project.

If you have any questions and/or want to become a contributor, send a request to