Integration and Deployment

Implementation. Rule Learner is implemented in Java and uses Maven as project building and deployment tool. When you run any Rule Learner project for the first time, it automatically installs the latest version of Rule Learner software from the standard Maven Repository. The proper dependency is described in the “pom.xml” file (use the latest available version):


You may import all sample projects into your Eclipse IDE workspace, and run/debug the samples or your own applications. 

It is easy to invoke Rule Learner from any Java program by using Rule Learner Java API.

Integration and Deployment. Because Rule Learner is an integral part of OpenRules Decision Manager, it follows the major OpenRules principle: it is designed to be used by business analysts who are not expected to know programming. It works well with data represented in Excel, JSON, or XML files, or directly from any Java objects. It does not require to learn any new programming language or special ML formats. 

Rule Learner projects, being regular OpenRules Decision Manager projects, can be deployed as RESTful Web Services using the standard OpenRules deployment facilities.  They naturally can be incorporated into any modern cloud infrastructure using serverless  (such as AWS Lambda) or server-based architectures.